Rotogravure Coating Machine

Practical and functional. Versatile in use.

In addition to solid technology, our printing and coating machines are characterized by a high degree of user-friendly ergonomics. We test technologies known from other branches of mechanical engineering to see if they can be used in our machines. Wherever it makes sense, we integrate special sensors and actuators into the machines. In this way, we significantly improve the energy balance of our machines.



A wide range of equipment options

Special features:
• Modular "construction kit" design
• Latest drive and control technology
• Easy operation
• Latest functional safety technology
• Entire machine without hydraulics, except lifting platforms
• Energy-saving gas direct drying technology

• Torque direct drives
• Additional coating head
• UV / ESH drying for paint drying
• Register control for top coat („register embossing“)
• Automated supply and removal of substrate rolls
• Sensor-controlled exhaust / recirculation control
• Heat recovery system
• Regenerative post combustion


Technical Data Gravure Coating Machine

Production speeds up to 400 m/min
Substrate widths 900 mm – 1600 mm
Drive Motor-transmission unit
  Chrome-plated steel guide rollers in the printing unit dryers

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