Practical and functional. Versatile in use.

Our rewinders combine many functions in a compact space. Due to the integrated web clamping at the unwind and rewind, the reels can be changed without rewinding the web. The winding direction is flexible and can be changed at any time without conversion.

A wide range of equipment options

Consisting of:
• Pickup unwinding
• Edge control
• Viewing section
• Slitting unit
• Pickup rewind

Special features:
• Modular "construction kit" design
• Flexible winding direction without changeover
• All material widths without contact roll change
• Automatic edge control at the unwind
• Edge and center cut
• Visual inspection
• No hydraulics


Technical data rewinder

Production speeds max. 600 m/min
Substrate widths until 2750 mm
Roll diameter max. 1200 mm
Drive gearless

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